Month in photos – July


You know how it is when you have a hundred projects for the summer you love summer, the beach, traveling, new things in town, summer nights, summer dresses, legs free … and much more.

Also … You can spend days and days at the beach, in the sea, under the sea and then it happens julyyyyyyyyy 😛

Out is hot as hell, inside baby teeth grow. The child is cold, the baby has a fever, you get a cold, everyone else around you have the cold. Out is 40 ° C, the child has a temperature of 40 ° C, you are 40 ° C, the child throughout the day and the night attached to you making the sum of 140 ° C. It adds a hot hellish night during which you slept an hour or two with another night of hell. One heals and the other is cooled again julyyyyyyyyy 😛

And you get to July 1st that you hate the summer, and before you loved it, what does that mean? Have i become old all of a sudden?  Did not the elders hate the winter because of the cold? Facebook showing photos of friends in amazing places and writing happy things but it does not matter because you do not have time or desire to read having the brain fried by heat.

When the psychological and physiological pressure add up all the defenses come down and your real self comes out.
Without force take a tea and a book, one than you can smell and you dive in it like in a tale told by your mother.


You fall away from the world and from July and become aware of your true self, the one who loves the sea, the summer and was never suffering the heat because she went to sea showering 5 times a day and also realizes that it is useless to regret what was or it could be, you realize you’d appreciate what is around you now.

Now we change the tone 🙂


Month started to sea on a beautiful beach in Split: Jezinac

bonne maman

Having a breakdown for PMS and ask your love to bring something with wings thinking that he will not succeed then have the surprise to receive not only the wings but also a sweet surprise, making me forget neurasthenia.

minion the bob kokice


… and then a beautiful movie that makes you laugh out loud Minions.


ice coffee


The better summer coffee ever is the iced one, with chocolate and whipped cream, yum 🙂


tugica kokice


…and then it went down slowly 😀

Beautiful Inside Out, i saw my self in sadness, in the end she is even the most useful.

Some new things that always help the mood (you do not know unless you try 😀 )


le petit olivier


Le Petit Olivier ultra moisturizing body lotion with shea butter. The first thing I tried of this brand, of course, I was a bit intrigued by the cute packaging, then I noticed that it is parabens, artificial colors and phenoxythanola free, so I decided to give it a try. It’s good for the summer, because of frequent showers. The price is ok, the smell is not too strong, well moisturizes the skin, has a slow absorption.


terra naturi karma

Terra Naturi Deo Roll-on. The smell is kind and gentle but fades quickly and is good only if you have a mild sweating otherwise avoid it.

Solid Perfume Karma from Lush, I love it 😀 was too good for the summer have in your bag refreshments for times of need. It is strong enough for the hot season, has seen a great consistency, being it solid makes it easier to maintain. The smell is refreshing as its colors orange and lavender, in the middle and even later turns into a sweeter smell like patchouli, I always wake up happy in its fragrance 🙂 The only small drawback, it got immediately canceled the label with the name and graphics, and it seemed pretty. :/


A little of Uncle burt for me 😛 It’s goo for  hair and skin, it is possible to find a review here  my love used for his dry talons, thank you uncle Burt, using it regularly the effect is really wow 🙂

natura siberica šampon


Natura Siberica shampoo to moisturize and volumize hair. I immediately noticed the volume effect 🙂 it gives life to the hair 🙂


bi good krema za ruke


Moisturizer bi good, fresh, light and with good smell of fruit, perhaps a little too thin to keep it in your bag also because it opens easily.



From Afrodita arrived a parcel for the shower smelling and fragrant and protection for the summer, large bottles sweet odors that may bother some so maybe it’s better for them to wait for winter.

I won a competition for extraction of Avon and they send me these creams.

avon kreme

aaaaaaaaaa This package arrived by surprise and i love surprises. 😀

avon little black dres

Little black dress eau fraiche, this is the most pleasant surprise of the pack, light summer scent that you can use when it’s hot, I’m not a fan of perfumes made from citrus but I like this one because my skin is transformed into a smelly sweet musk.

avon luxe



avon lakovi 2


Enamels, really summerish, good for the beach, not the best to take pictures though, orange is shining 🙂

Remember those stories on the strips of the last month? that? well, the result was 2:0 for me: D




Doing shopping, I came across a pair of shoes and shirt but I’m too lazy to post them now, in the next month will do  😀


riva palme cvijeće

zalazak marjan



I and July have been reconciled with a beautiful sunset 🙂 What happened to you during July?

I step to the next month, wishing you a lot of good times.  :* :* :*


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