This photos should be enough to tell you, should you buy Luna or not? Is it too pricy? Is it better to buy some cheap copy? I bought Luna about 4 and a half years ago and photos are from about 4 days ago and I’m using it regularly, even more times a day. There are no signs of use on it and I didn’t have any problems with it. If you know for other products and brands for which you can say the same please shout it to me in comments.

Only problem I found with it until now, is I never know where is its charger. Yes that one time a year that I need it, is not enough for my had to memorize it. So every time I need it search is on.

How much it cost I forgot. Only thing I remember is that it seemed expensive to me (but again I don’t have lot of money waiting there for my needs to call it, so when I’m buying things for me usually cheaper is better). Fact is now I don’t remember how much did it cost and money flies away anyway. I’m sure I would spend more on chipper things in time of 4 and a half years and not to mention how many frustrations I skipped because not changing and buying and searching for something…. yes for me Luna is just simply worth the price.

Washing face by hands and with Luna for me is uncomparable. Those T-sonic pulsations I red about in manual for me are doing their job :). I use it in the morning and evening with gentle face cleaning gel (I tried it with FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser and yes its perfect but because I would have to buy it regularly and order it from Foreo site I can pass with very cheaper good cleaning gels) and my skin likes it.

It’s in some way addictive. When I don’t use it for some day my skin is in hight with me. It looks bad it feels bad and nothing I put on it works how it should. Soo what it does for my skin? Makes it feel clean, smooth, even, with very rear breakouts, which again fast disappear. Silicone brush is super soft and gentle on skin.

Its very simple to use and to keep clean, its made from bacteria-resistant silicone, waterproof.

Other side of Luna is anti-aging massager. I use it less regularly, even soo it is nice to use and I need it 🙂 ) I don’t know, I’m not in love as much with this part of Luna like the one for cleaning.

Both sides cleaning & anti-age, beside their use are very relaxing to use, what makes you feel that you want to use and not have to use. It’s nice to pause everything for minute.

What is your favourite cleaning helper, routine? You too are in love with Luna?

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