My Autumn/Winter hand care


My hands are the first body part that feels the arrival of colder weather and it shows, but after a week or two i get very dry and chapped skin. Colder weather, wind, stay in a dry heated area, warmer water when washing hands…

my stressed already and naturally sensitive skin becomes dry and cracked as it becomes more frequent the occurrence of cuticle and finger nail problems.

So aside from the usual all the year long cautions i:

always when washing dishes, laundry, house… wear gloves

use a mild soap that does not dry out

always have near hand cream

I have to introduce some changes in the care of hands.

First lighter cream, the one I use in summer change to a nourishing one, if possible with a more natural composition that contains eg. almond oil, argan oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E … rather than paraffin, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, refined vegetable oils, silicones… (forming a protective film on the skin, which prevents water loss but also normal breathing and skin absorption of nutrients into the skin, you put the cream very often and short term it helps but long term the skin will always be dry).

and trying to remember to use a little more often: after washing your hands, before you leave, before bedtime…




L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream most suits me (150 ml 176.70kn or 26$) i currently still have it, because more often when buying the wallet decides more than the head, so it is only important that the cream helps and not the few proven carcinogenic substances prohibited in a number of countries.

We use the most “Natura Siberica Oblepikha” hand cream (75ml – 27.70kn or 4$), I quickly passed to the Natura Siberica protective hand cream, that is more nutritious than what I have now.




I often use oleoTHERAPY cold pressed almond oil (100 ml kn 54.45 or $8), or add a little cream I use to rub hands, then yet again, add a little cream, because I do not like the smell 😛

Periodically (once or twice a week) i peel the back of my hands. For that i use this simple DIY, approximately mix a little sugar, a little olive, coconut or almond oil and a little lemon juice, rub your hands until the sugar is dissolved and washed or when I have a face or body scrub and love to use it on your hands (when i did not have an attack of nomoneynitis).

To me it’s very good Natura Siberica Mild Scrub Cream (150ml 42.80kn or 6$). Gently cleanses the skin and leaves it refreshed and beautifully soft.

Of course beautifully manicured hands are not completely manicured nails and cuticles. After massaging almond oil, rubbing a little Burts bee balm , push a little bit cuticles with a wooden stick (less you are touching it and cutting it and less troubles and sores you will get tearing it).



Cut, shape and polish finger nails also once a week with an emery board 1/4, currently have essence studio nails 4in1 nail file (12.90kn), which is fine with me as far as the action only lasts for a short time 😛

Very quickly, after only a week of regular care, you can see changes in the hands, the skin looks healthier and fresher and the nails brighter.

With all of the above said to have skin and nails healthier and to feel better you need to be careful to what you eat and to drink enough.
I during the colder weather do not feel the need to drink more water and that contributes to the dehydration of the skin.

Solve the problem by making larger quantities of your favorite tea. My favorite is green, mixed with some fruit, ginger, now I’m thrilled by tea Veli’s Nettle and Lavender, has just the right amount of lavender and wonderful smell that is not too strong, the taste is nice and relaxing, Ahmad green tea with maple syrup, which is so different from the others, has unusual taste, some kind of a mix of nuts and liquid caramel… making lemonades or fresh fruit juices, which helps to get a sufficient amount of fluid and to feel better by strengthening the immune system in these gloomy days. We most often drink mix of apples, carrots, mandarin, pomegranate and ginger.




I drink an elixir of honey (centrifugate ginger and add the same amount of honey in a glass and mix it, put two / three tablespoons of this syrup and water) I find this drink fine and I’m attracted to drink a lot…

I try to eat as healthy as possible, as many seasonal vegetables and fruits as possible. I almost completely removed snacks and sweets, and replaced them with hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, dried fruit and dark chocolate, i am currently into the chestnuts and mix of nuts, apples, cranberries, honey and cinnamon now my favorite dessert. The last couple of years, since I strongly reduced sugar income i have a feeling that I’d estrange from it, because now when I eat something with lot of sugar i quickly stop disgusted. 😛



I do not like very heated room and never will do, when I see someone who, with sub-zero temperatures, has a so warm house that has to stay in a T-shirt. My skin after a very short time on such premises reacts very violently 😛 hour home is moderately heated and we wear jumper and often ventilate space.




And finally, treat yourself with some lovely nail polish, thereby still better to make sure that the list of ingredients do not have some of the most harmful ingredients (toluene, formaldehyde, di butyl phthalates, camphor), remove varnish without acetone, because when you see them with your favorite color or manicure, it will encourage you to nurture them and make them look better 😉 .



By until next typing :*

Are you enjoying the cool autumn days? How you take care of yourself and your own hands?

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