Month in Photos – bye bye August


I thought to skip this month at first, because I was wondering, what’s been good? the best answer would be that it never happened :P.

But then I remembered what I learned and I felt guilty to deny its existence, although it has already passed 🙂

Taught me:

– There is no one more stubborn than me, even if the decision I make is not to my advantage, I can not change my mind 🙁

– The tea made from the houseleek cure a sore throat, it lowers the temperature … (it takes only 10 grams of fresh leaves of houseleek (or 15 grams of dried leaves) and 2 ounces of water, boil for 15 minutes, the morning to drink half, the rest of the day, a spoonful every hour.).

– If you have an ear infection, pain can decrease if you have a lucky ear and can completely solve it with extra virgin olive oil where you previously put the chopped garlic and let stand for 15 minutes, then slowly heat it and put a few drops into the ear, it can be repeated several times.

– You must be willing to do it twice because you have two ears and according to Murphy’s Law there is no escape for the ear momentarily healthy.

– The nose can be unblocked and dry cough will be alleviated if overnight near the headboard put fresh cut slices of onion.

– You can even not wash your hair for more than two days, and the same goes for the shower.

– You Do not have to worry to wear perfume, with those symptoms you are not going anywhere.

– You’re supposed to not leave the house when they emit dangerous scents and your legs are shaking.

– You can also wear clothes not ironed.

– It is possible that the cream for the ass is more important than the face cream (and at stake is not even your ass).

– You can suffer more when you look at someone else in pain than when you’re already suffering.

– You Can sleep less than 8-9 hours a day, it is practically enough for 3-4 days (even if you forget to drink coffee every 3 days).

– The same food can be eaten more than once, even five or six times, this way of eating in addition to saving time contributes to the loss of pounds, because even if it’s your favorite dish at every meal will be less attractive.

– When you think that everything is over, eh do not get your hopes up, it will be easier to accept the continuation of treatment with antibiotics, which worry me more than help, to some you are allergic and those that you can use take away the will remained 😛

– Now, you can try to heal with natural remedies (such as with quail egg and sherry).  😛

– You can not look at the phone, tablet, computer for days, weeks or more …. unfortunately or fortunately, when you look at them then it is business as usual.

– Open the windows and let the sun come in, it’s very relaxing, the same is true when you hear the birds and you realize that it is not going on the zombie apocalypse as you were unavailable.

– If you do not have time for something you want is probably best to give it up for this, because sooner or later you’ll have the time :).

more sustipan

– Everything proceeds well and does not stop only for the the beautiful months.

marjan setnja

nokti avon

marjan klupe

marjan pogled

And if you compress all this in a short period of one month and a few days, you are perfect candidates for the “before and after” because with all this learning forget that there are cosmetics, so that when you start to use them again there will be no one who will not ask again what I used, and what diet did I do 😛

– Walking (or just sit on the first bench that you find), the sea, the sun, trying something new, even something as normal as new drinks, nail polish … always helps and sometimes it is enough support, at least temporarily 🙂


Another reason this August is not to be skipped is the birthday of my little love: *: *: *

odmor snova

hey hey and we must not forget that this month I was on holiday:p (not like him :P)

sapun portugal

and i received a scented gift from a real dream vacation in Lisbon 🙂

and chocolate 😀

anton berg

There were even 2 things i could not use, even the ever before tasted chocolate 😛

kokosovo ulje

Coconut oil that I recently used and still do not see results, I hope so it will be good news in a month or two. For now, enjoy the wonderful aroma.

natura siberica krema

natura siberica piling

Natura Siberica cream and peeling for the face I tried them for a short time but for now they are just good 🙂 (the only thing I do not like is the smell of aftershave the cream reminds me).

artdeco lak

Beautiful color and even the duration is not bad, after 3 days was in good condition.


I used these new glasses, without which you simply can not keep your eyes open 😛

See you all next time 🙂 I went to the hairdresser, I was in a condition where my hair required professional help 🙂

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