Silk epil éxpressive by Braun

…and now a painful post…

…but now the least painful solution (for me) for an excruciating problem 🙂

If you’re like me, the sworn enemy of every hair that appears on your body, or already have your favorite weapon to eradicate them or are you looking for one, can see an emerging solution 🙂


Why I decided to write about it?
Because I used it for about three years and I am very pleased with it.

Firstly, does the same as the first day and you know that now it’s a rare thing for appliances to withstand many years in working order. Secondly, I am so satisfied that I bought it again (or at least the most similar model when I needed a new one). One third of hair on the legs and forearms, where I use it, is much smaller, I would say even for some 70 percent of the hairs are lighter and thinner than before.

If you think that this method of hair removal is for you too painful can tell you that i proved a lot of them, that in many ways should ease the pain of hair removal (massage, poor effect on me, adding a section to be frozen before use, worked in some way just is hard to remember to put it in the freezer hours before, the problem is that in this painful operation even freezes your skin) for me this far the most successful.

This epilator can be used for wet and dry epilation. I always use it in the bath or during shower, where it causes me much less pain. The soothing effect of hot water for me is such that pain on a scale of 1-10 maybe reachs two, with the constant use the pain is reduced, the habit helped, of course i tried other methods but to no success so i stick with this.


Since I have it hair growth is forbidden in winter and summer. On the forearms is enough to use it every two months because the hair are much thinner and less concentrated than before. On the legs I use it about once a month in winter and in summer a little more often, about two or three weeks, because as soon as I see a couple of hairs it’s epilation time! So it seems simpler and more beautiful because it is enough just a few minutes, and as hair decreases in quantity and thickness so does the pain. Before epilation i like to scrub and luckily I do not have problems with ingrown hairs. As sometimes occurs, especially on the arms, a little redness is always showing after epilation so i do it in the evening so the skin by morning with a little nourishing cream or milk for the body is good as new.


I’ve never tried to use it under the armpits or groin because i am simply too much of a coward for these experiments, so I do not know how it would be painful 😛 It is bundled with the braces and extensions for shaving and trimming. It has a built-in light that helps in the hunt for the smallest hair, a removable head that follows the contours of the body beautifully and the massage rollers. Without cable you can use about 40 minutes.


If you are not hypersensitive to pain caused by this plucking process and you do not have problems with sensitive surface’s capillaries this is a good method for long-lasting, easy and quick removal of hair and eventually get a thinning effect. After prolonged use, it saves time and money because once you buy one, you will not need to buy a regular means of shaving, epilation… or go to beauty salons, and since the situation becomes considerably less hairy the whole process should be taking less time.



Have you tried this epilator or something similar? What are your experiences? What is your favorite means of hair removal? 🙂

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