Collistar Gloss Nail lacquer – Iris Delicata 557

Collistar Gloss Nail Lacquer – Gel Effect and Iris Delicate One of the nail lacquer which most recently I used is this 🙂



Color won Me at first sight; is gentle, bright, springy, really great, it is not quite emerging from the pictures 😛



The brush is not great but it seems to be very simple to use and to have precise dispensing. Durability is good for me, two light layers, without base and top coat, with the normal housework and obsessive lot of hand washing, without damage it withstood 3-4 days. I love the fact that there is no overpowering smell, indeed has a mild odor that I felt in lacquers. It dries quickly, you may at first notice is a little uneven but you wait a little more time and the coating was just fine. It’s not even having the “ghost effect” what I hate most in the varnish, means that whatever you touch is going to show the day after in the form of texture of everything you touched. Very easy to remove and leaves no stains on nails.




The first photo was taken in the sun, the other in the shade, the third indoor. What are your favorites spring shades?

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