Nuxe – Prodigious Oil – multi purpose dry oil

When my mother saw the bottle Nuxe dry oil her first comment was: Again a new perfume? Yes, this glass bottle, lid and gilded gold content, it looks just like the perfume of those elegant, luxurious kind as from Chanel 🙂

At first seems expensive (the price is about 240KN(35$) for the 100 ml and 140KN(21$) for 50 ml) but definitely worth it when you see how it works and how many ways you can use it, I hope, that this will not be the last bottle 🙂



I use it in many ways and probably i would find other too if i wasn’t saving it up a bit because of the price 🙂

I use it on the face every day, sometimes alone, sometimes before cream. On the hair, sometimes wet after washing, often dry. On the hands, nail and cuticles.

Enough is a very small amount, so the bottle lasts a very long time, mine is 100 ml, took me ten months to go through it, although it changes on individual needs and habits, like for a face cream, which lasts six months to me and to my mom spends it in three.



The bottle i am using is a 100-ml spray, before I used some bottle with less than 50 ml but without spray and I must admit that I  prefer the look and somehow nicer dosing of this one :/

Mostly use it on the face.

My skin was very dry, which is especially evident during pregnancy and lactation, it’s hard to find either a product that would nourish enough the skin, hydrate and yet not be too heavy and avoid potential adverse reactions, greasiness, acne, unpleasant sensation on the skin.

With the use of Nuxe dry oil situation is much better, skin is less dry, uniform, no dry or greasy zones, has a healthy glow, soft and smooth to the touch.

Since this is a dry oil, gets absorbed well without leaving any fat film on the skin, only a fine sheen fed skin and smells wonderfully.

I use it also for hair care, little spray on the palms of hands and just zip through your hair, paying special attention to the ends. Since I use it I have less split ends and hair is softer and shinier.

I really like how it works and the quality of nails and cuticles, nails are stronger, look brighter and healthier and with regular use I have no problems with hangnails.

Along with other well-being feeling is that overall sense of femininity and comfort when using it 😉


The smell is very special, although does not last long on the skin, very strong, which means someone will love it and some hate it but to me is wonderful, and my friend after first trying testers said that found the scent repellent, and will not think about using oil just because of the smell.

One of the fragrant tones that you will feel in this oil is the smell which I think is one of the most absolutely nice. It is the scent of orange blossom.

I was fortunate as a child i spent many sunny days playing below blossomed orange trees and this oil reminds me just of those happy days and delicate floral, sweet, full smell, the sun-warmed orange blossoms. With orange blossom there are shades of rose, magnolia, vanilla and cedar muscarinic.
There is also a perfume version of the fragrance, Le Parfum Nuxe Prodigieux, I have not had a chance to try it but if has the same smell as oil and the durability of perfume nobody would be happier than me, it would go high on my wish list 😀

It contains 98.8 percent natural ingredients and a cocktail of six vegetable oils:

Peanut oil – contains the optimum blend of fatty acids, which guarantees flexibility and easy absorption without a greasy film on the skin. It is rich in natural lipids and antioxidant vitamin E and is an excellent blend with the lipid layers of the skin cells, which gives it a strong power of hydration and facilitates its absorption into the skin.
Macadamia oil – strengthens the natural protective barrier – hydrolipidic film – and thus affects the skin hydration, protects, softens, nourishes and makes it smooth
Sweet Almond Oil – softens and nourishes dry skin, soothes irritation
“Gospina trava” Hypericum perforatum oil – soothes, softens and stimulates skin renewal
Camellia Oil – soothes, nourishes, protects and softens the skin and makes it supple
Borage oil – anti-aging and helps reduce water loss from the skin

I read that one little bottle of oil in the world is sold every 6 seconds, are you among the lovers of the oil or have found something better 🙂 ?

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