Lover beauty shopping

Hello guys 🙂

Who wants to go to shopping? If you are a girl I already know the answer. It’s not at all important that out it’s cold, raining and wind is going crazy, that we have to wear f…. masks all the time and wash hands about hundred times, bars are closed…. Let’s go!!! Ok, for this time maybe it’s better we go online. Let’s go to Lover-Beauty shapewear wholesale?

….and knowing we are going to be shopping with our asses not moving from the couch and cookies between reach maybe it’s best to go first for some shapewear? This full body shaper is perfect to hide damage cookies made, making stomach looking slimmer.


…or we are going for some waist trainer wholesale?


…slimming body shaper? I used one similar some month after giving birth. It’s very good when you need some instant boost of confidence, giving your body time to heal and return in its normal condition without feeling bad in the meanwhile. Here you can have that without feeling guilty for spending to much for it because here you can find some really cheap shapewear.

// zhu/LB4625.jpg

…now when we are all shaped let’s find something you always need: one Little black dress. I like this one, it’s very simple, but still elegant, nice for everyday use and million combinations. My little leather jacket and boots are just right for it 😉


…or better two… prices are anyway very nice here too… (all six products you can see in post are only 59$). This one looks really cool, would like to try it with some sexy patterned tights and high heels.


…and when we are already here, it’s sweater weather isn’t it? This is my favourite kind, comfortable with little girly twist of naked shoulder not to be boring.


How you liked our little shopping trip? How you like this shopping address? Check other categories too, like PLUS SIZE, with sizes going from 3XL to 5XL and BIG SALES with cloths for under 2$ and from 2 to 3$.

I’m in black mood today, what colour is your today’s shopping bag?