Oops… I did it again :)

Did You notice that I was missing for a while?
Did someone miss me a bit? : *: *: *
Believe me, I really miss blogging and talking with you 🙂
Well, why was I missing? Collapsed some plans, new ones under creation process. It happened a little, unexpected, unplanned miracle. Life happened, a new one to whom, no matter how hard will be, i cannot turn my back, maybe now all seems impossible, after disappointment in the people of whose support was most expected. I’m pregnant. 🙂 I am happy and scared.




It’s very hard physically. I feel nausea 24 hours a day and hormone-pumped allergy hit me after being gone for almost 3 years therefore my energy level is somewhere under zero. Due to sickness in recent weeks, i can not be five minutes on the computer, because looking at the monitor aggravates the symptoms.
When the situation improves a little and I hope it will be soon, because exactly the same situation was in the first three months of the first pregnancy, i will return to you all 🙂 and continue with new plans.
First biiiiiig plan is to try moving in a slightly larger apartment because this one we live in is bursting at the seams and second of course the return of the blog.
Thank you very much for all clicks, likes, comments :* Stay tuned and please keep fingers crossed that we succeed in the new plans 🙂
:* :* :*



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