DIY Sea souvenir



A quick DIY project. The idea for a small souvenir that hardly costs anything you can take with you from the beach 🙂

You need:

  1. shells
  2. sand
  3. stones
  4. cardboard
  5. pencil
  6. ruler and scissors.




Now you need half an hour of free time, I recommend a nice air-conditioned room with your favorite music and favorite cold beverage at your fingertips 🙂 (some of you can not currently do this, will be fine cooling in sweat, with screaming baby dancing around to Gangnam Style video and tepid tea;)).




The cardboard marks show you where you want to attach shells and the frame (I later cut surpluses because is easiest this way and more regular, maybe I’m wrong: P).




Paste the shells. When you’re done with shells brush some glue in the space that you left for the frame, quickly then sprinkle sand on it. (If you want the borders little thicker or uneven to more emphasize textures, add a little glue and then sprinkle sand in other zones around them).

A lot of sand remains unglued so at this step, be careful to not spill sand all over the room 🙂 (unless you want it this way, with a room full of sand and in your ears too, you do not want to remember the holidays this way :P)




When you’re done with sand, go on and paste the stones and shells.




And… done 🙂




You get a free (if you have already the instant adhesive to repair unglued sneakers) souvenir from the beach, which will make you think of just the one beach where you spent the most beautiful and the most relaxed moments of summer with the person / s that helped you gather shells and pebbles.




How do you spend time in the “beautiful” summer temperatures? do you go picking shells and stones on the beach making your own souvenir DIY style or you prefer to buy something “PRO”?

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